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Microthane breast implants: why are they my favourite?

By 28 November 2019No Comments

MasterClassUtrecht Together with our partner POLYTECH we would like to invite you to our international masterclass in Utrecht on 23/11.

With top international speakers: Dr. Constantin Stan (Bucharest/Romania), Prof. Dr. M. Hamdi (UZ Brussels/Belgium), Dr. F. Petit (Paris/France) and Dr. N. Raab (Munich/Germany).

It promises to be a very interesting morning with the latest insights and innovations in the field of breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, not forgetting the growing interest in butt cheek augmentation.

Accreditation for this Masterclass has already been applied for at GAIA, so that your accreditation points are guaranteed.

This (free) Masterclass takes place in the Auditorium of the UMC Utrecht (Heidelberglaan 100). You will be welcomed from 8.30 a.m. with coffee and sweets and the Masterclass will be concluded with lunch around 1 p.m.