Within our Surgery department we offer all kinds of instruments, implants and medical devices for all departments within the hospital.

In addition, Aleamed also has a technical department that carries out adjustments and repairs to instruments thoroughly and quickly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

KLS Martin

Surgical instruments

Millions of surgeons throughout the world use and rely on our surgical instruments that set standards in surgery and dental surgery. More than 16,000 surgical instruments are developed and manufactured in compliance with stringent quality specifications, from the selection of corrosion-resistant chrome steels through manufacture and heat treatment to finishing and final inspection. We have a long tradition of manufacturing surgical instruments: Upon its foundation, the company Gebrüder Martin was a mere instrument manufacturer. Our mission has remained unchanged to the present day: to manufacture instruments of the highest quality!

Sterilization containers

For more than three decades we set standards in hospital sterile supply. The own demand has always been to maximize patient safety from the perspective of packaging systems and to optimize the workflow in the daily practice of CSSD.


For more than 50 years, we have been setting the course for electrosurgery again and again: Many of our developments have made a lasting impression on high-frequency surgery. This applies not only to HF generators, but to the extensive range of accessories as well.

IPS case designer

The use of modern technologies opens up new options in the treatment of complex defect situations. With IPS®, we offer high quality, holistic solutions for realizing patient-customized solutions.

Craniomaxillofacial surgery

KLS Martin is one of the globally leading suppliers in the field of craniomaxillofacial surgery. Their product portfolio offers you everything you need for advanced osteosynthesis and distraction. This implies that you get more than just standard products. They are always ready to develop patient-specific solutions wherever the need arises.

Hand surgery

They offer more than just standard solutions in the field of hand surgery, they also offer products for difficult non-everyday situations. With their intelligent system solutions they therefore regard themselves as a true, highly specialized partner for all questions pertaining to hand surgery.

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High-quality Swedish quality instruments

Their daily aspiration and goal is to lead the industry through passion, perfection and reliability, working with physicians to provide products and solutions that enable safer and more cost-effective surgical procedures. They also strive to reduce the level of harmful radiation exposure to patients and clinicians. Their vision: it’s all about creating surgical perfection. For life.

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Micro-instruments that are developed on the basis of many years of cooperation with world-renowned surgeons

S&T is directly represented in most major microsurgical centers with advanced product lines ranging from tweezers, needle carriers, scissors, sutures to special instruments.

All S&T products undergo a 100% final inspection to prevent even the smallest statistical outbreak. That’s why they’re proud to give a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship on all their instruments.


Aspiration pumps of Swiss quality

Ardo’s reliable and high-quality aspiration pumps make daily work easier for medical professionals and support them in their demanding tasks. Ardo devices are durable and easy to maintain thanks to Swiss precision engineering. They are easy to operate, quiet and yet extremely powerful.

Your advantages at Ardo:
• Uncompromising quality
• Optimal adaptability to your needs
• Maximum safety for mother and child
• Exemplary warranty service

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Plastic surgery

Also for plastic surgery you have come to the right place. (Breast) implants of exceptional quality, excellent medical instruments and cooperation with top international surgeons is more important than ever.


High-quality implants (made in Germany) for form and function restoration

As a leading manufacturer of silicone implants, POLYTECH (Germany) designs and develops quality products that meet your beauty goals or recovery from mammary cancer. Patients and surgeons around the world rely on their implants and their quality to achieve their personal concept of beauty.

POLYTECH offers the widest range of high-quality implants, tailored to the specific needs of patients and surgeons: not only breast implants, but also buttock and calf implants, testicular implants and pectal implants.

POLYTECH offers the following implants:

  • Microthane implants: POLYTECH is the only company in the world to supply silicone breast implants with a polyurethane coating. These Microthane implants have been proven to have fewer complications, such as capsular contracture, twisting or displacement of the implant. A 1st choice product for both reconstruction patients and women considering cosmetic breast augmentation.
  • Micro textured implants in two types: Mesmo Sensitive and POLYtxt. Both implants have a micro texture, which reduces capsule formation and gives a natural result.
  • B-lite implants: the world’s first lightweight breast implants (30% lighter)! A highly advanced combination of POLYTECH silicone gel and air-filled microspheres (NASA technology) has created a unique lightweight breast implant that allows the woman in question to recover faster, requires less pain medication, and can therefore be active faster.
  • Smooth/Nano implants: for specific needs or wishes, the physician can choose these implants.

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IDRT® (Integra Dermal Regeneration Template system) and Surgimend® from our partner Integra® are available in both Belgium and the Netherlands. IDRT® and Surgimend® guarantee a treatment with bovine collagen of the highest quality. In addition, we also distribute NeuraGen® and NeuraWrap® in Belgium.

Integra® products are ubiquitous in many intensive care units and operating rooms around the world. They include products aimed at repairing soft tissue, nerves and tendons and treating acute and chronic wounds, burns, as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Artery 3D

The all-in-one patented digital solution to visualise every unique, arterial patient anatomy. Improve the treatment experience using the latest technology, AR

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