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As a leading manufacturer of silicone implants with over 36 years of clinical experience, Polytech designs and develops quality implants that meet the personal beauty goals and preferences of each person since every person is unique, and all breast surgery considerations are individual.

Polytech Health & Aesthetic offers a range of silicone gel filled breast implants with different surfaces: microtextured surface (MESMO), as well as implants covered with micro-polyurethane foam (Microthane).

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Microthane implants are covered with a micropolyurethane foam. This unique surface acts as a three-dimensional open pore matrix and allows the tissue to grow into the implant coating. This surface is known for its reliability and has demonstrated very low rates of capsular contracture, not only in primary augmentation(1), but also in two stage expander implant reconstruction, even with radiation(2).

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2) Pompei, S., et al: Polyurethane Implants in 2-Stage Breast Reconstruction: 9-Year Clinical Experience. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volumen 37, Issue 2, 1 February 2917:171-176, dio.org/10.1093/asj/sjw183

Or pre pectoral placement. Microthane breastimplants will never rotate, very important with anatomical implants and you see never displacement. Polytech offers the Microthane surface in 3 styles of implants (Meme, Replicon, Opticon) and 4 different projections.


These fine microtextured surface implants combine the benefits of both smooth and textured implants. They are filled with the form-stable EasyFit Gel. Research shows that the capsular contracture rates for Mesmo implants are low(3).

Polytech Mesmo implants are available in 3 styles of implants (Même, Replicon, Opticon) and 4 different projections (low, medium, high and extra high projection).

3) Implants of Excellence. Annual Survey 2014-2018. Polytech, Data on file.

Diagon/Gel 4Two

The Diagon/Gel 4Two implants are filled with two highly cross-linked, cohesive, form-stable gels: The softer EasyFit Gel at the posterior of the implant ensures that the implant adapts smoothly to the rib cage and provides a natural movement of the breast. The firmer Shapar Gel at the anterior and the dome-shaped projection facilitate nipple positioning and supports the residual breast tissue in a push-up manner. The Diagon/Gel prosthesis is very suitable for women with mild to moderate ptosis.

Diagon/Gel 4Two is only available in Microthane surface, with a round or a short base and in two different projections (Replicon and Opticon model).

B-Lite Lightweight Implants

Blite is the first true innovation in breast implant technology. Due to the latest generation of cohesive silicone gel bounded with lightweight microspheres designed for the space industry, these implants weight up to less than 30% than traditional implants. They exert the same pressure on the lower pole as traditional implants that are half the size. The benefits of these implants are numerous: reduced post-operative pain, a faster recovery and a greater daily confort.

Polytech B-lite is available in Mesmo and Microthane surface in 3 styles (Meme, Replicon, Opticon) and in three different projections.

Implants of Excellence (I.O.E.)

The IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE (I.O.E.) warranty programme was developed especially for patients with POLYTECH implants, offering an additional service of supply of replacement implant in specific cases.

Online registration to the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme is free and must be completed within 6 months post-surgery. Registration can be done by filling in the form in the following link: ioeregistration.polytechhealth.com

After registration, patients have a free lifetime exchange implants of the same product range: In the event of a material related loss of shell integrity Implants replacement in the event of Baker III or IV capsular contracture.

Mesmo: Up to 10 years after surgery Microthane and B-lite Microthane: For lifetime including rotation and displacement.

Please note these benefits are only valid if the online-form has been filled out completely.